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Sunday, September 12, 2004

Well...about alittle over a week ago I went on my backpacking trip. I was first planning to leave Monday and come back Friday afternoon. Because I didn't have enough food for the trip and because I would be getting off work Monday morning at 7 AM, I decided to cut the trip back to Leaving early Tuesday morning and getting back Friday afternoon.

My pack weight was 18 lbs.

Everything went just fine getting there. The first day went well at first, but then midday it began to rain. I got wet. I stayed dry actually for the most part, but my pants and shoes were soaked from the grasses. Eventhough it was cool out, I was warm from the hiking. I saw some cool sights, but alas the overcast weather made some views less amazing. The rain lasted for four hours. I didn't have a dry pair of shoes or pants to change into. When I got into camp in the early evening, I was tired, wet, my knees were giving me trouble, but had stopped raining. The weather and my knees made me ponder if I should shorten my trip.

The part of the Superior Hiking Trail I was on is apparently the hardest section, according to the book I bought. I could believe it as there were alot of hard uphills and downhill sections. I didn't notice a single switchback on the trip.

The next day was actually quite good. The weather was nice. I did decide to backtrack towards my car because of my knees. With the good weather and the improved knowledge of where I was, I made good time. I was able to revisit the highest waterfalls within the state for the second time. When I got to my car kept hiking on the other side. I did cheat at the car and got some water out of my car. The gravity filter I was using was terribly slow and I was out of water for the time. The next leg proved to be extremly difficult, despite being short. It was very uphill.

That evening I ate the best meal I had during the whole trip: blueberry cheesecake from

The next day I knew I had alot of downhill hiking ahead of me. Downhills tend to be harder on the knees than uphill climbs. I don't know why but my knees didn't hurt too bad coming back. This third day was wet, foggy and rainy. The rain was mild enough that I stayed dry. I didn't mind it too much. I had decided to cut my trip short perviously. So when I got to my car I went home, on Thursday. This gave me time to recoup from it all before having to go to work Friday evening.

First day I hiked about 5.5 miles, second day about 7.5 miles, third day about 2.5 miles.

Overall it was a good trip, albeit difficult. I saw some truely amazing views, views that I didn't know that Minnesota had. I'll have to do this again sometime, maybe on a easier portion.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

I am now working 3rd shift. I decided to go to this because it would open up the possibility to have a social life. It has been along time since I could do this.

Next week I'm taking off to go up North for a backpacking trip. I'll be hiking for three nights on the Superior Hiking Trail. I hope all goes well.

Sunday, June 27, 2004

We're not know

Well it has been awhile since my last post (again). I'm writing this post due to the prodding of my friend Jenny (thanks Jen).

Okay - highlights

Well my friend Bethany and Jeff are married now - it's even likely that they are legally married :) (inside joke)

The big news of recent was my trip to Kansas. Yeah Kansas. It was for my Grandmother's funeral. The trip was May 27 to May 29. The funeral was May 28. It was nice. We were out there on the windy plains of Colby, Kansas. It was a good day. To start the service I played Amazing Grace on my tin whistle. I'm not used to playing in front of people, so I messed up a little - but from what I hear, no one noticed. My aunt and I said a few words about my dear Grandma. It was a good thing to be able to celebrate her life.

In the end it became a family reunion. It was fun, despite involving family ;) The real 'treat' was driving from Minnesota to Kansas in one day before the funeral with my parrents - and then the next day after - driving back.

Someday - Someday - Mom will learn how to pack lite.

Other news of recent is that I've started a batch of wine, one gallon of onion wine. The advantages of onion wine are many. According to the recipe it tastes much better than it sounds. The ingredients are cheap. No one constantly hounding me with phrases like, "can I please have some your onion wine...Pleeeeesse" So, tonight I racked it (i.e. transfered it into a new container) so that it can now begin to age and clear.

So much going one. So little time.

See you all next decade.

Friday, May 14, 2004

Pinch Me I'm Nobody

Right now there are millions of people trying to create a vast new world, and billions just trying to live in it. There are two ways to view the world. The first is as a place where we try to keep the powers of entropy at bay long enough to eek out a life. The second is as a place where we command entropy to submit to the powers of the universe - and disperse.

Everyone is envious of those above and at the same time resentful of them. We want to be the very ones we despise.

We become adults the day we stop trying so hard to be adults.

We can't live until we first die. There are too many in surrenders-mercy trying to not die, not seeing that living is a rejection of the fear of death.

"Now that you are dead, what are you going to do with your life?" - Guess what movie that was from?

Adam's curse isn't over yet - but we are working on it.

It has occurred to me that my happiness is fully dependent on God. Where does that put me?

Friday, May 07, 2004

Well I've gone whole hog and I'm lovin' it. Whistles I mean. I now have 4 tin whistles and it's great. I love to learn a new song on them. I bought 3 of them about three weeks ago from The two that I use the most are the Clare Two Piece and the Original Clarke tin whistle. They are inexpensive, always around (as my friends can attest) and oh so much fun.

Here is a short list of only some of the songs I know:
Amazing Grace
As The Deer - learned this one today
Beethoven's 9th - still working on improving this one
There is a Balm in Gilead
Happy Birthday Song
Oh Come Let Us Adore Him
Little Dummer Boy
...and many more

The website that shares my insane love for these things is Chiff and Fipple - The PostStructural Tinwhistle Internet Experience. I am not alone.

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

I have been very remiss to not mention this earlier. As my friends can attest, I have switched from Microsoft Windows to Linux. I am using Red Hat version 9. I LOVE IT!!! I should have done it earlier. It did take something of a learning curve, but now that I am throught the bulk of that, I now see computers in a completely new light. Under Windows I was constrained by what this one company allowed me to do. With Linux I am connected to a community the way the internet was promised to us so long ago. In Linux this promise is delivered. In Windows the company Microsoft felt that this promise did not meet their financial needs. In Linux I feel free. Every new release is an improvement rather than a new way for Microsoft to collect their monies.

I encourage everyone with a little guts to step out, do some reading, and free their desktop. Fedora Core 2 is coming out in a few months - look into it.

It's better here

Monday, February 16, 2004

Tragic news today. Today my grandmother died. The news is somewhat sudden. She died at an age of 85. While her health was not always the greatest, the news is still unexpected. Currently funneral plans are unknown. I'm sure these matters will be worked out in the next several days.

I have decided to be glad for her life instead of being unhappy over her death. I regret not being able to see her before this happened. She lived with her husband (my grandpa) near Atlanta GA. My mother was fortunate to be able to visit them recently. It is a sad time indeed.