The History Of The Sabbath

  • Genesis 2:2-3 God observes the Sabbath which He created. The Sabbath belongs to God.

  • Exodus 16:22-30 God gives the Sabbath to the Hebrew nation. God teaches the Sabbath to the Hebrews by making them keep it through the miracle of Mana.

  • Exodus 20:10-11 God commands the Hebrews to observe the Sabbath. Observance of the Sabbath is commanded as one of the many laws in the Mosaic Law.

  • Matthew 12:18 Jesus is the Lord of the Sabbath.

  • Acts 15:5,19,20 Non-Jews are not commanded to obey the Mosaic Law. Jews continue to be required to obey the Mosaic Law.


    Comments On The History Of The Sabbath

    The Sabbath of Genesis appears to be observed by only God and not man. There is no other reference to the Sabbath in Genesis. Between the Sabbath of Genesis and the Sabbath of Exodus well over four hundred years pass with no mention of Sabbath observance.

    In Exodus God gives the Sabbath to the Hebrews only. The Mosaic Law was given to Hebrews only. The ten commandments (as the Bible does not call them) are a portion of the Mosaic Law.

    Even though God gave the Sabbath to the Hebrews, God retains ownership of it. Jesus proclaims that He is Lord of the Sabbath. No mere human could make that claim without being blasphemous. Jesus was required to observe the Sabbath because He was Hebrew. Also Jesus is free to observe the Sabbath because He is God who retains His creation.

    Jews (also known as Hebrews) may or may not remain under the Mosaic Law. It is unclear which is the case. Non-Jews (also known as Gentiles) were never under the Mosaic Law and were never placed under the Mosaic Law later. The Disciples of Jesus are under the Law and Rule of Jesus.

    If you are not a Jew there is clairity that you are not required by God to observe the Sabbath.