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Nathan Johnson
The Brandons
Sherwin Schwartzrock
Nat and Lisa Seltzer


Reference Section

Etymology Dictionary
Encyclopedia of Life


Web Apps

Simple Spark - Web app directory
- Web app directory

Splashup - Photoshop clone
Mint - Quicken clone
Eyespot - Video editor
Pixenate - Simple photo editor
Picnik - Photo editor
Meebo - Instant Messaging
Wordclay - Book publisher
Spreadshirt - Custom t-shirt design
BitLet - Bittorrent Downloader
Fontifier - Font creator
ExtraTasty - Bar management
Preezo - Presentation app
Draw Anywhere - Diagraming app
Clipperz - Password manager
Power Soccer - 3D soccer
FLVTO - YouTube to MP3 converter

Zamzar - File format converter
Anywhere.FM - Music player
Google Docs - Office Suite
FlashEarth - Satellite image of earth
SpeedTest - Internet speed testing
Slacker - Radio
DesignMyRoom - Interior Decoration
Musicovery - Radio
YouSendIt - Send large files
UmbrellaToday - Do I need an umbrella today?

Zillow - Real estate valuations
SlideRocket - Presentations

ToDoList - Todo list
Twitter - Micro-blogger
Pownce - Send things to friends
GrandCentral - Phone Management
Jott - Voice notation
Ustream - Live streaming video
Invision - TV

Instacalc - Calculator
Aniboom - Vector graphic animations


Links - General

International Arms Trafficker Training Page
Bible (I hear it's hard to get a signed copy.)
Local Swing Dancing Clubs - Get your PC hardware here - cheap
Barebones Guide to HTML
Project Galactic Guide
Chami - Good resource for web page building or
The Bonsai Primer
American Go Association, Go Problems, Go Practice Software - eww - they do what with brains? - Portfolios for the little guy - Good independant movie reviews.
Open Source Food - Amazing recipes
- Luddites on the internet - The name says it all


Links - Open Source - Massive Open Source directory
GnuWin - Open Source for Windows directory - Complete quality office suite
Gaim - Log onto every IM network at once
Mozilla - Browsers done right
CDex - Rip
Filezilla - Solid FTP - Online encyclopedia anyone can edit
HTTrack - Download a whole website - Open Source Media Formats
Olde Timey Ogg Files - Free music with lost copyrights - Cheap Linux Distributions
MIT OpenCourseWare - Free Education
The Sword Project - OS Bible Software
Gimp - Photoshop on steroids
Gonvert - Exhaustive unit converter
Gramps - Family tree maker
GnuGo - Powerfull go engine
Celestica - 3D astronomy program
Gnome - Great Linux GUI
XMMS - Linux Winamp clone - Exhaustive reviews of Linux flavors - Got an idea?