Pit Firing
Required: Charcoal

  1. Dig a pit about waist deep (4 ft) and about body-height wide on both sides (6 ft).
  2. Make a (6 in) layer of a sawdust charcoal (see Charcoal) mixture on bottom.
  3. Add the pieces to be fired surround them with sawdust and charcoal. The pieces to be fired should be sun dried.
  4. Place about a foot of small twigs and branches above the pieces to be fired.
  5. If animal dung is available place pieces of it over the twigs
  6. Next place a thick layer of dry wood over the twigs
  7. Set fire to the wood be careful as the flames can get very high
  8. Once the fire is well established (15 min), place sheets of sod over the flames. There should be air vents along the edges to allow air in and out.
  9. Use rocks or thick pieces of wood to elevate two sides of the sod to create inlet and outlet vents. Place the inlets and outlets parallel with the wind direction. Caution some rocks may explode when placed in a fire!
  10. Let the process continue through the night until it has cooled.
  11. Dig out the remains and you are finished.

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