Kiln Making
Required: Cement, Mortar, Cold Bricks, Hot Bricks

  1. Prepare a base for the kiln by digging a 4 ft by 6 ft hole which is 6 in deep.
  2. Fill the hole with cement and level off with a flat stick. If there is no cement available use an area with hard flat dirt ground.
  3. Once the cement has cured, mortar some outer Cold Bricks into place for the lower portion (inner dimensions 2 ft by 4 ft). The lower portion is 2 ft high. (see figure A)

  4. The inside of the chamber should be lined with inner Hot Bricks. These bricks are able to withstand the high heat in the kiln.
  5. The mortar will not withstand the high heat so use watered down Hot Brick clay to hold the bricks in place.
  6. Place long (over 2 ft) and thick Hot Bricks across the lower entrance of the kiln.
  7. Leave a 6 inch space near the back of the kiln.
  8. Built the middle portion with Cold Bricks around all four sides of the structure. This portion should be 3 ft high. Leave a 1 ft wide and 3 ft high gap on one side of the kiln for a door for access to the pieces.
  9. Line the inside of the kiln with Hot Bricks as before.
  10. Create the two vertical walls as shown below out of Hot Bricks. Include a 6 inch tall 1 ft wide opening in the front wall. The back wall should be 1 ft high. (see figure B side view)

  11. Place a cap of Cold Bricks over the back of the kiln.
  12. Create a chimney of Cold Bricks for the front of the kiln (2 ft high).
  13. Line the inside of the cap and chimney with Hot Bricks as before. You may need to line the chimney while you are erecting the Cold Bricks. The finished design is below. (see figure C)

  14. Off to the side, make a door with Cold Bricks and mortar, to fit the side opening.
  15. Line the door with Hot Bricks as before. Make sure that the door operates properly.
  16. Seal the outside of the door with wet clay.
  17. Keep a small fire in the bottom portion for an entire day to allow the brick and mortar to dry.

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