If you are ready to leave father and mother, and brother and sister, and wife and child and friends, and never see them again – if you have paid your debts, and made your will, and settled all your affairs, and are a free man, then you are ready for a walk.



Backpacking Pack, Shelter, Sleeping Gear
(1026 grams) [2 pounds 4 ounces]

Nunatak Edge Variable Girth Quilt (347)
Mountain Laurel Designs Grace Solo Tarp and sack (170)
Mountain Laurel Designs Bug Bivy (157)
ZPacks Blast 18 with Winged Belt with Belt Pouches (143)
Gossamer Gear ThinLight 3/8" cut to torso length (82)
Mountain Laurel Designs Carbon Fiber Poles (79)
Titanium Tent Pegs (Quantity 6) (43)
ZPacks Small-Plus Cuben Fiber bag for quilt (5)


Backpacking Kitchen
(261 grams) [9 ounces]

Mountain Laurel Designs Super Glide Bear Bag Line (38)
BackpackingLight 475 ml Titanium Trapper's Mug (37)
O. P. Sak Odor Barrier Bag (36)
Platypus 2 L Water Bottle (34)
McNett Aquamira repackaged by BackpackingLight (33)
Platypus 1 L Water Bottle (24)
4 ounce fuel bottle (17)
mini-lighter in seal top baggie (13)
homemade mesh bear bag (10)
Titanium foil pot stand and lid with tealight stove (9)
Dairy Queen long spoon (4)
Mountain Laurel Designs Superfly Mini Biner (3)
1 ounce measuring cup (2)
ZPacks Cuben Fiber Rock Pouch (1)

Backpacking Various Gear
(445 grams) [15 ounces]

GoLite Chrome Dome Umbrella (226)
First Aid Kit (78)
Toilet Paper (46)
glasses case (25)
mirror (18)
pack towel (11)
bandana modified (9)
toothbrush and floss in plastic bag (7)
ZPacks Medium Cuben Fiber Dry Sack (6)
homemade mesh stuff sack (6)
duct tape (6)
compass (3)
Bozeman Mountain Works MicroDrop Dropper Bottle (for 100% DEET) (2)
Bozeman Mountain Works MicroDrop Dropper Bottle (for Dr. Bronner's 18-in-1 Hemp Peppermint Pure Castile Soap) (2)

Backpacking Packed Clothes
(704 grams) [1 pound 8 ounces]

MontBell U.L. Thermawrap Jacket (261)
homemade windshirt (104)
GoLite Drimove Lite Singlet sleeeless shirt (76)
Sahalie Men's Ultralight Tights (75)
Atheletic Socks (69)
homemade micro-fleece hat (43)
homemade micro-fleece mittens (34)
poly liner socks (26)
poly liner socks cut to ankle height (16)

Backpacking Worn Clothes
(1236 grams) [2 pounds 11 ounces]

New Balance 800 Trail Running Shoes (598)
NorthFace Horizon Surplus pants (279)
Smartwool Microweight Crew shirt (185)
Saucony Running Shorts (87)
Smartwool PhD Micro sock (38)
Gerber Ultralight L.S.T. knife (17)
emergency lighter (12)
Photon X-Light Micro flashlight (8)
emergency whistle (7)
Hog Wild Timeband modified watch (5)

Backpacking Luxury Items
(417 grams)

Pentax Optio W30 waterproof digital camera (162)
GoFastAndLight Fishing Reel (138)
GoFastAndLight Fishing Rod (56)
Fishing Tackle (27)
"The Clare" Tin Whistle (34)


My Tarp

My Tarp

My Tarp and myself

My Tarp With Me Next To It

My Backpack

My Backpack

Bug Bivy

My Bug Bivy

Oberg Lake

This is Oberg Lake taken from atop Oberg Mountain.  This is from a trip to the Superior Hiking Trail which is along the North Shore of Lake Superior.


This was also taken from atop Oberg Mountain.  It shows some of the fall colors and breathtaking views we were seeing.

Beaver River

This is Beaver River.  I camped about 100 meters upstream from this falls area.


Gear To Get

Al Mar Knives 
Mountain Laurel Designs Spectralite.60 (Cuben) Poncho Tarp
Nunatak Arc Ghost Variable Girth Down Quilt
PossumDown Socks



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* Just so everyone is clear, Ray Jardine is very smart at lightweight backpacking. Listen to what he has to say.