I drink.  I do not drink to get drunk, but to enjoy libations as a part of the blessings of God.


Cocktails I Am Able to Make

+ Bourbon Based
Bourbon and Branch
Bourbon Cobbler (orange slice, lemon slice)
Bourbon Cooler (lemon wedge)
Bourbon County Cowboy (light cream)
Bourbon Daisy (orange slice)
Bourbon Fix (lemon slice)
Bourbon Flip (egg, light cream)
Bourbon Milk Punch (half-and-half)
Bourbon Milk Punch #2 (milk)
Bourbon Milk Punch #3 (milk)
Bourbon Old-Fashioned (sugar cube, orange slice)
Bourbon Sling (lemon twist)
Bourbon Sour (orange slice)
Bourbon Swizzle
Dixie Dew
Fancy Bourbon (lemon twist)
Fox And Hounds (egg)
Jillionaire (egg)
John Collins (orange slice)
J.R.'s Godchild (milk)
J.R.'s Godfather mgmgmgmg
Midnight Cowboy (heavy cream)
Mint Julep (mint sprigs)
Mint Julep #2 (mint sprigs)
Mint Julep #3 (mint sprigs)
Nevins (grapefruit juice)
Pendennis (lemon slice)
Rebel Yell (egg, orange slice)

+ Brandy Based
All Dressed Up Like A Dog's Dinner
American Beauty (orange juice)
Baltimore Bracer (egg)
Bengal (pineapple juice)
Betsy Ross I
Between The Sheets
Black Pagoda mgmgmg
Brandied Egg Sour (Egg)
Brandy Alexander (half-and-half)
Brandy Alexander #2 (heavy cream) mgmgmgmg
Brandy and Soda
Brandy Classic (lemon wedge)
Brandy Cooler (Sprite)
Brandy Crusta (lemon wedge, orange peel)
Brandy Blazer (orange slice, lemon twist)
Brandy Cobbler (orange slice, lemon twist)
Brandy Collins (orange slice)
Brandy Daisy (orange slice)
Brandy Fix (lemon slice)
Brandy Fizz
Brandy Flip (egg, light cream)
Brandy Sangaree (lemon twist)
Brandy Sling (lemon twist)
Brandy Smash (mint sprigs, orange slice)
Brandy Sour (orange slice)
Brandy Swizzle
City Slicker
Charles Cocktail
Comforting Tiger (lemon twist)
Dance With A Dream Cocktail
Fancy Brandy (lemon twist)
Horse's Neck (lemon spiral)
La Jolla (orange juice)
Metropolitan mgmgmg
Southern Belle
Stinger mgmg mgmg

+ Gin Based

Abby Cocktail (orange juice)
Alexander (light cream) mgmgmgmg
Alexander's Big Brother (heavy cream)
Alexander's Sister (heavy cream, nutmeg) mgmg
Arcadia (grapefruit juice)
Arthur Tompkins (lemon twist)
Barbary Coast (light cream)
Beauty Spot (egg)
Belles of St. Mary's
Bermuda Rose
Bernardo (lemon twist) mgmgmgmgmg
Bluebird (lemon twist)
Blue Cowboy
The Bronx Ain't So Sweet (
orange juice)
Bennet Cocktail
Boxcar (egg)
Bronx Cocktail (
orange juice)
Cafe De Paris (egg, heavy cream)
Captain's Table (
orange juice) mgmgmgmg
Captian Cook (
orange juice)
Caruso Blanco
Casino Royale (egg)
Chelsea Hotel
Confirmed Bachelor
Crimson Set
Delmonico (lemon twist)
Dirty Dick's Downfall (lemon twist)
Dragonfly (lime wedge)
Emerald Forest
Emerald Isle
Farmer Giles (lemon twist)
Fastlap (
orange juice)
Fat Face (egg)
Fleet Street mgmg
Flying Dutchman
Gentleman's Club
Gent Of The Jury (pineapple juice)
Gibson (onions)
Gimlet (lime wedge) mgmgmg
Gin Bloody Mary (lime wedge)
Gin-Cassis Fizz
Gin Cobbler (orange slice, lemon slice)
Gin Cooler (Sprite)
Gin Fizz
Gin Swizzle
Gin Smash (mint sprigs, lemon twist)
Gin and Sin (
orange juice) mgmg
Gin Daisy (orange slice)
Gin Fix (lemon slice)
Gin Sangaree
Gin Sling (lemon twist)
Gin Sour (orange slice)
Golden Bronx (egg,
orange juice)
Grass Skirt (pineapple juice, pineapple slice)
Gumbo Fizz (egg, heavy cream)
Hornpipe (egg)
Horsley's Honor (orange slice)
La Stephanique
Leaning Tower
London Town
Merry Widow (lemon wedge)
Monkey Gland Cocktail (
orange juice) mgmgmg
Maiden's Blush
Martini [#1, #2, #3, #4]
Martini Cooler (lemon twist, Sprite)
Oaxaca Jim (
orange juice, grapefruit juice, lemon twist)
Orange Blossom (
orange juice, orange slice)
Opal Cocktail (
orange juice)
Opera Cocktail mgmgmgmg
The Original Singapore Sling
The Other Original Singapore Sling
Petticoat Lane (lemon twist)
Pink Cream Fizz (light cream)
Pink Gin
Pink Lady (heavy cream, egg)
Pink Pussycat (pineapple juice) mgmgmgmg
Princton Cocktail
Ramos Fizz (egg, light cream)
Red Ruby
Root Beer Fizz (root beer)
Rose Cocktail (lime wedge)
Royalty Fizz (egg)
Ruby In The Rough
Silver Bronx (egg)
Silver Bullet (lemon twist)
Shady Lady (lemon twist)
Smart Christine (
orange juice)
Sugar Daddy (pineapple juice) mgmgmgmg
Singapore Sling mgmg
Ten Quidder
Tom Collins mgmgmgmg
Twenty Thousand Leagues
Union Jack
White Lady (egg, light cream)
Widow With A Secret
Yale Cocktail

+ Rum Based
Acapulco (egg, mint sprig)
Almeria (egg)
A Night in Old Mandalay (
orange juice, lemon twist)
Appled Rum Cooler
Apple Pie
Apricot Lady (egg, orange slice)
Bacardi Cocktail
Banana Rum Cream (light cream)
Barkis Is Willing (orange slice)
Barrier Breaker (coffee)
Basic Bill
Beachcomber (lime wedge)
Beadler to the Front
Big Band Charlie
The Bigwood Girls
Black Devil (black olive)
Black Stripe Cold (molasses, honey)
Blighter Bob (orange juice, lemon twist)
Blue Mountain (orange juice)
Boston Sidecar
Bowton Nell (
orange juice)
Brian's Belief
Brown Cocktail
Burnt Embers (pineapple juice)
Cape of Good Will (
orange juice)
Cardinal mgmgmgmg
Casa Blanca
Catherine Of Sheridan Square (light cream, cold coffee)
Charger mgmgmg
Cherried Cream Rum (light cream) mgmg
Chocolate Mint Rum (light cream) mgmgmgmg
Continental mgmgmg
Corkscrew (lemon twist)
Cornwall-Nash (grapefruit juice)
Cuba Libra (cola, lime wedge)
Cuban Cocktail
Daiquiri mgmgmg
David Bareface (heavy cream) mgmgmg
Deep, Dark Secret (heavy cream) mgmgmg
DeRosier (heavy cream)
Droog's Date Cocktail
Elephant Lips
El Presidente (pineapple juice)
Eye-Opener (egg)
Fell Juice (cranberry juice, egg)
Flirting With The Sandpiper (
orange juice) mgmgmg
Fireman's Sour
Gareth Glowworm (heavy cream) mgmgmgmg
Haidin-Haidin mgmg
Hat Trick
Havana Cocktail (pineapple juice)
Horse And Jockey
Howell Says So mgmgmgmg
Immaculata mgmgmgmgmg
Joy-To-The-World mgmgmgmg
Krazee Keith (lemon wedge)
Lamb Brothers (pineapple juice)
Landed Gentry (heavy cream)
Little Princess Cocktail
Lifetimer (lime wedge)
Lord And Lady
Love For Toby
Ludwig And The Gang
Mallelieu (orange juice)
Mardee Mine
Margaret in the Marketplace (light cream)
Mary Pickford Cocktail (pineapple juice)
Mary's Dream (
orange juice) mgmgmgmg
Max The Silent
Menage A Trois (light cream) mgmgmgmg
Miss Belle
Mister Christian (
orange juice) mgmgmg
Monkey Wrench (grapefruit juice)
Morgan's Moutain (heavy cream) mgmgmgmg
Mostly Mal
Mozart (lemon twist)
Mumbo Jumbo
Nevada Cocktail (grapefruit juice)
Owen Moore (heavy cream)
Peregrine's Peril
Planter's Punch (orange slice, pineapple wedge, lime wedge)
Planter's Punch #2 (
orange juice, pineapple juice, grapefruit juice, orange slice, pineapple wedge, lime wedge)
Planter's Punch #3 (orange juice, orange slice, pineapple wedge, lime wedge)
orange juice)
Puffer (orange juice, grapefruit juice)
Quentin (light cream) mgmgmgmg
Riley's Sparrow
Rum Cobbler (orange slice, lemon slice)
Rum Collins (orange slice)
Rum Crusta (lemon wedge, orange peel)
Rum Daisy (orange slice)
Rum Fix (lemon slice)
Rum Gimlet
Rum Martini
Rum Sour (orange slice)
Rum Swizzle
Sandra Buys a Dog (
orange juice, cranberry juice)
Saxon Cocktail (orange slice) mgmgmgmg
Secret Place
Serpentine (lemon twist)
Sevilla Cocktail (egg)
Sevilla Cocktail #2 (egg)
Sleepy Lemon Clegg (orange juice, pineapple juice)
Sly Goes To Havana (pineapple juice)
Sonny Gets Kissed
Son of Adam
Spark In The Night
Starskeer (
orange juice)
Sue Riding High (heavy cream) mgmgmg
Suffragette City
Surrey Slider (orange juice, orange slice)
Susan Littler (
orange juice)
Three-Miler Cocktail
Triad (lemon twist)
Trouble for Tina (coffee, heavy cream, cinnamon)
Vicious Sid
Walking To The Call Of The Mockingbird (egg)

+ Scotch Based
Black Jack
Blinder (grapefruit juice)
Celtic Mix Cocktail mg
Dixie Ward (lime wedge)
Dry Rob Roy
Fancy Scotch
Godfather mgmgmgmg
Grand Master (lemon twist)
Highland Fling
Highland Sling (lemon twist)
Hoots Mon
Italian Heather (lime wedge)
James The Second Comes First
Jock Collins
Jock-In-A-Box (egg)
L'aird Summer Isle (pineapple juice)
Loch Lomond (lemon twist)
Man of the Moment
Miami Beach Cocktail (grapefruit juice)
Mithering Bastard (
orange juice)
Modern Cocktail
Perfect Rob Roy
Piper At Arms (lemon twist)
Piper At The Gates Of Dawn (heavy cream)
Rob Roy mgmgmg
Rusty Nail (lemon twist)
Scotch And Water mgmgmgmg
Scotch Cobbler (orange slice, lemon slice)
Scotch Cooler (Sprite, lemon wedge)
Scotch Daisy (orange slice)
Scotch Fix (lemon slice)
Scotch Flip (egg, light cream)
Scotch Mist (lemon twist)
Scotch Old-Fashioned (orange slice, sugar cube)
Scotch Sour (orange slice)
Swirling To The Beat Of The Haggis Wings (egg)
Tartan Swizzle
Tartantula (lemon twist)
To Hell With Swords And Garters (pineapple juice)
Widow Woods' Nightcap (milk)

+ Tequila Based
Alleluia (orange slice)
Bloody Maria
Blue Margarita
Border Crossing (cola, lime wedge)
Brave Bull
Cactus Bite
California Dream
Daring Dylan
Doctor Dawson (egg)
Downsider (light cream)
Executive Sunrise (orange juice)
Freddy Fudpucker (
orange juice)
Frozen Margarita
Gates Of Hell mgmgmgmg
Gentle Ben (
orange juice)
Gold Margarita (lime wedge) mgmgmgmg
Gull's Wing
Hot Pants (grapefruit juice)
Juan Blue (
orange juice, grapefruit juice)
Jumping Bean (coffee beans)
Leap Frog (lime wedge)
Margarita (lime wedge)
Massacre mgmgmgmg
Mexicana (pineapple juice) mgmgmgmg
Moonraker (pineapple juice)
Peach Margarita (lime wedge)
Pink Paradise
Piper (strong coffee)
Poker Face (pineapple juice, lime wedge) mgmgmgmg
Rosita (lemon twist)
Scottie Was Beamed Up
Shady Lady (grapefruit juice)
Shaker (pineapple juice)
Stella's Stinger (lemon twist)
Tequila Collins (orange slice)
Tequila Cooler (Sprite, lemon wedge)
Tequila Cruda
Tequila Fizz
Tequlia Gimlet
Tequila Sour (orange slice) mgmgmg
Tequila Stinger
Tequila Suave mgmgmgmg
Tequila Martini
Tequila Mockingbird
Tequila Sunrise (
orange juice) mgmgmgmg
Toreador (heavey cream, unsweetened cocoa powder) mgmgmgmg
Viva Villa (lime wedge)
Zultry Zoe (Mexican hot chocolate)

+ Vodka Based
Black Russian
Bloody Bull (lemon wedge)
Bloody Mary mgmg
Bloody Mary #2 (jalapeno pepper, V-8)
Blue Lagoon (lemonade)
Blue Monday
Brazen Hussy
Bullfrog (lemon wedge,lemonade)
Cape Codder (cranberry juice, lime wedge) mgmgmgmg
Cherry Pie
Clamato Cocktail (clam juice)
Deanne (lemon twist)
Doyles' Deliberation
Dusty Dog
Firefly (grapefruit juice)
Foggy Afternoon
Frightleberry Murzenquest
Fuzzy Navel (orange juice)
Gale At Sea
Galway Grey (light cream)
Godmother mgmgmgmg
Gorky Park
Greyhound (grapefruit juice)
Green Mirage
Harvey Wallbanger (
orange juice) mgmgmgmg
Hoss's Holdup (orange juice)
Idonis (pineapple juice)
Kangaroo Cocktail (lemon twist)
Karoff (cranberry juice, lime wedge)
Kretchma Cocktail
Latham's Rule (orange juice)
Laughing At The Waves (lemon twist) mgmg
Long Island Iced Tea (cola)
Madras (
orange juice, cranberry juice) mgmgmg
Marc Feldini (cucumber)
Mazrick (
orange juice, pineapple juice)
Morning Glory (light cream)
Ninotchka Cocktail mgmgmgmg
On The Town (
orange juice, egg)
Our Stanley mgmgmgmg
Owdham Edge (light cream)
Pretty Thing (coconut cream, heavy cream) mgmgmgmgmg
Purple Passion (grape juice, grapefruit juice)
Quiet But Quick (
orange juice) mgmgmgmg
Rocky's Dilemma
Russian Cocktail
Salty Dog (grapefruit juice)
Screwdriver (orange juice) mgmg
Sea Breeze (grapefruit juice, cranberry juice)
Sex On The Beach (orange juice, cranberry juice)
Silver Sunset (
orange juice, egg, orange slice)
Slow Comfortable Screw (orange juice)
Spymaster (egg)
Stuff-In-A-Suit (egg, orange slice)
Vicker's Treat (lemonade)
Vodka Collins (orange slice)
Vodka Cooler (Sprite, lemon wedge)
Vodka Daisy (orange slice)
Vodka Gimlet
Vodka Martini
Vodka Sour (orange slice)
Vodka Swizzle
Vodka Sling (lemon twist)
White Russian (light cream) mgmgmgmg
White Spider
Woo Woo (cranberry juice)

+ Whiskey Based
Algonquin (pineapple juice)
Baby's Bottom
Bay Horse (heavy cream)
Bill Leaves Town
Black Hawk
Boot Hill
Cablegram (lemon twist)
California Lemonade (orange slice)
Canadian Cocktail
Canadian Salad (
orange juice, orange slice)
Dinah Cocktail
Double Standard Sour (orange slice)
Dry Manhattan (lemon twist)
Dubonnet Manhattan
Dusty Bill
Everybody's Irish
Fancy Whiskey
Faux Scrumpy (apple juice)
Fine and Dandy (lemon twist)
Gault's Gumption
Hearty Susan
Horse Feathers
Irish Canadian
Jersey Gentleman (pineapple juice)
La Belle Quebec
L.A. Cocktail (egg)
Lady's Cocktail
Madame Rene  (
orange juice)
Major Bradbury
Maple Leaf (heavy cream)
Menday's Peril (
orange juice)
Millionaire (egg)
Molehill Lounger
New York Cocktail (lemon twist)
Old-Fashioned (orange slice)
Old Groaner
Old Groaner’s Wife
Old Nick (orange juice, lemon twist)
Opening Cocktail
Park Paradise
Perfect Manhattan (lemon twist)
Peakness (lemon twist)
Presbyterian (lemon twist)
Prince Rupert (lemon twist)
Rattlesnake (egg)
Rochdale Cowboy (orange juice)
Sand Dance (cranberry juice)
San Francisco
Screamin' Hudson
Seven And Seven (7-Up, lemon twist)
Spy Catcher
Teacher's Pet (orange slice)
Tiger Juice (
orange juice)
Tower Topper (light cream)
Twin Peaks (twin peaks)
Whiskey Collins (orange slice)
Whiskey Cobbler (orange slice, lemon slice)
Whiskey Cooler (lemon wedge)
Whiskey Crusta (lemon wedge, orange peel)
Whiskey Daisy (orange slice)
Whiskey Fix
Whiskey Flip (egg, light cream)
Whiskey Milk Punch (milk)
Whiskey Sangaree
Whiskey Sling (lemon twist)
Whiskey Smash (mint sprigs, lemon twist)
Whiskey Sour (orange slice)
Whiskey Swizzle
Whiskey To Go
Wild Jackalope (lemon twist)

+ Aperitifs
Allied Requirements
Americano (lemon twist)
Apple Rouge
Beansy's Battleground
Belle of Ellis Island (lemon twist)
Big Red (orange slice)
Bittersweet Cocktail (lemon twist)
Blanchine's Belle (lemon twist)
Blonde Jenny (
orange juice, orange slice)
Boswellian Booster
Boyd Of The Loch (lemon twist)
Burn's Night Special
Cuyahoga Cocktail (lemon twist)
Dancin' Bones
Dry Negroni (lemon twist)
Dubonnet Fizz (
orange juice)
Dubonnet Cocktail (lemon twist) mgmgmgmg
Earl Of Sardinia (grapefruit juice, pineapple juice)
Farthingdale (lemon twist)
French Kiss (lemon twist)
Gladys Delight (lemon twist)
Go-For-Broke Cocktail
Graceland (lemon twist)
Green Gables Cocktail
Hilgert Cocktail (grapefruit juice)
Jeff Tracy
Joyce Of Hillhouse (lemon twist)
King Kenneth (orange juice, tonic water, lemon twist)
Knockout Cocktail
Lady Evelyn
Lady Madonna (lemon twist)
Leo the Lion mg
Lillet Cocktail (lemon twist)
Lying With The Tigress
Mary's Delight
Matinee (orange juice)
Maureen's Dream
Mayflower Cocktail
Mayor Billy (
orange juice)
Moi? (lemon wedge)
Much Fuss For The Conquering Hero
Negroni (lemon twist)
Pammy Kay
Phoebe Snow
Piggot's Preference
Sacred Mountain Of The Pekingese Cloud Gods (orange juice)
Same Old Song (
orange juice, orange slice)
Seething Jealousy (
orange juice)
Strong-Armed Chris Returns To The Den
Sweet Nan
Thanksgiving Cocktail
Trinity Cocktail
True Trixie
Vermouth Cassis (lemon twist)
Vermouth Cassis Tall (lemon twist)
Vermouth Cocktail
Wedding Bell Cocktail (
orange juice) mgmgmg
Westerman Sings The Blues (orange slice)

+ Cordials
Alabama Slammer
Amaretto Sour mgmgmgmg
Apricot Fizz
Apricot Sour
Bananarama (light cream)
Banshee (light cream) mgmgmg
Barrow Blues (pineapple juice)
Belle Melon (light cream)
Blue Glory
Boccie Ball (
orange juice) mgmgmgmg
British Comfort (orange juice)
Cherry Flash Cola
Chunnel Cocktail
Coffee Stick (heavy cream)
Creme de Menthe Frappe mgmg
Diana mgmgmgmg
Douglas Town
Ferris Wheel (lemon twist)
Focal Point
Golden Dream (
orange juice, light cream)
Grasshopper (light cream) mgmgmgmgmg
Green Goddess
Jack Rose
King Alphonse (heavy cream)
Man In The Melon (lime wedge)
Melon Ball (pineapple juice)
Muddy River (light cream) mgmgmgmg
Paradise (
orange juice) mgmgmgmg
Peppermint Twist
Pink Panther (light cream) mgmgmg
Roger Swims A Mile (lemon twist)
Root Beer
Sambuca Straight (coffee beans)
Silent Monk (light cream)
Slamdancer (light cream)
Sloe Gin Fizz (club soda)
Sloe Gin Flip (egg, light cream)
Sloehand Jackson (orange juice)
Sombrero (light cream)
Southern Comfort Manhattan
Toasted Almond (light cream) mgmgmgmg
Witch's Tit (heavy cream) mgmgmgmg

+ Tropical Drinks
Azuluna (pineapple juice, plastic monkey)
Banana Colada (ripe banana, pineapple juice, coconut cream, pineapple slice)
Banana Daiquiri (overripe banana) mgmgmg
Caribbean Breeze (pineapple juice, pineapple slice)
Chi Chi (pineapple juice, coconut cream, pineapple slice)
Discovery Bay (lemon sherbet)
Fruit Rum Frappe (orange juice)
Hawaiian Cocktail (pineapple juice)
Honolulu Cocktail (
orange juice, pineapple juice)
Hula Hoop (
orange juice, pineapple juice)
Jamaica Hop (heavy cream)
Jamaican Fizz (pineapple juice)
King of Kingston (pineapple juice, grapefruit juice, heavy cream)
Lazy Afternoon (pineapple juice, pineapple slice)
Listening To The Drums Of Feynman (light cream)
Lizbuth (coconut cream, pineapple juice, half-and-half)
Pina Colada (pineapple juice, coconut cream, pineapple slice)
Polynesian Cocktail (lime wedge)
Reggae (orange juice, pineapple juice, grapefruit juice, orange slice, pineapple wedge)
Sacrifice (
orange juice, coconut cream, pineapple juice, cranberry juice, orange slice)
Strawberry Colada (ripe strawberries, pineapple juice, coconut cream, pineapple wedge)
Strawberry Daiquiri (overripe strawberries)
Swimming Ashore For The Songs Of Sunrise (
orange juice, grapefruit juice)
Tidal Wave (
orange juice, pineapple juice)
Tihiti Club (pineapple juice)
Tropical Rainstorm
Yellow Bird
Zocolo (pineapple juice, grapefruit juice, pineapple wedge, orange slice)
Zombie (
orange juice, pineapple juice, orange slice, mint sprig)

+ Hot Drinks

Black Stripe (molasses, honey)
Blue Blazer (lemon twist)
Calypso Coffee (hot coffee, heavy cream)
Candle In The Window (coffee heavy cream)
Caribbean Coffee (heavy cream)
Chocolate Corvette (hot chocolate, heavy cream)
Chocolate Vice (hot chocolate, heavy cream)
Coffee Royale (heavy cream)
Comforting Coffee (coffee, heavy cream)
DeRosier's 19th Hole (coffee, heavy cream)
Five Before Flying (coffee, heavy cream)
Good Golly (coffee, heavy cream)
Gracious Enjee (hot malted milk)
Hat Daring Dylan (heavy cream)
Hot Buttered Rum (brown sugar, clove, unsalted butter)
Hot Mollifier (hot coffee, heavy cream)
Hot Penny Rum (coffee, heavy cream)
Hot Piper (hot coffee)
Hot Zultry Zoe (Mexican hot chocolate, heavy cream)
Italian Coffee (heavy cream)
Irish Coffee (heavy cream)
Jack Robert's Treat (hot chocolate, heavy cream)
Mexican Coffee (heavy cream)
Monastery Coffee (heavy cream, coffee)
Morley's Driver (hot coffee, heavy cream)
Prince Charles Coffee (coffee, heavy cream)
Ritchie Ritchie (coffee, heavy cream, cinnamon)
Southfork Coffee (coffee, heavy cream)
Square Racine (hot malted milk)
Tom And Jerry (egg, milk)
Whiskey-All-In (clove)

Note: Parenthetical remarks are fresh items I would need to have on hand to make the drink.  Drink names were obtained from The Bartender's Bible (pub. Harper Reference).

mg Blah. Spit it out.
mgmg Eh.  Passable.
mgmgmg Hmm.  Good enough.
mgmgmgmg Mmm.  Tasty.
mgmgmgmgmg Jingo Jango Jingo.  Phenomenal <smack>


Bar Inventory
+ Alcohols (Quant. 51)
  1. Vodka
  2. Brandy
  3. Triple Sec
  4. Peppermint Schnapps
  5. Sake
  6. Sweet Vermouth
  7. Dry Vermouth
  8. Irish Mist
  9. Creme de Menthe - white
10. Creme de Menthe - green
11. Creme de Cacao - white
12. Creme de Cacao - dark
13. Dr. McGillicuddy's
14. Gold Tequila
15. White Teqila
16. Gin
17. Kahlua
18. Irish Whiskey
19. Amaretto
20. Light Rum
21. Dark Rum
22. 151 Rum
23. Anejo Rum
24. Cherry Brandy
25. Campari
26. Blended Scotch
27. Dubonnet Rouge
28. Apricot Brandy
29. Bourbon
30. Maraschino Liqueur
31. Blended Whiskey
32. Pernod
33. Canadian Whisky
34. Anisette
35. Blue Curacao
36. Galliano
37. Benedictine
38. Creme de Cassis
39. Creme de Bananes
40. Southern Comfort
41. Applejack
42. Grand Marnier
43. Lillet
44. Tawny Port
45. Drambuie
46. Sloe Gin
47. Midori
48. Peach Schnapps
49. Tia Maria
50. Sambuca
51. green Chartreuse

+ Additional
Rose's lime juice
Club Soda
Ginger Ale
Angostura Bitters
Orange Bitters
Coarse Salt
Maraschino Cherries


To Be Purchased

Yellow Chartreuse (April)
2. kummel (May)


Biblical Authority to Drink

Amos 9:13-14 (God's Word translation throughout)

The days are going to come, declares the LORD, when the one who plows will catch up to the one who harvests, and the one who stomps on grapes will catch up to the one who plants. New wine will drip from the mountains and flow from all the hills.  I will restore my people Israel. They will rebuild the ruined cities and live in them. They will plant vineyards and drink the wine [Hebrew: yayin] from them. They will plant gardens and eat their fruit.

This is the same Hebrew word used in 1 Sam 25:36-37

When Abigail came to Nabal, he was holding a banquet in his home. It was like a king's banquet. He was in a good mood and very drunk, so she didn't tell him anything until dawn.  But in the morning, when the effects of the wine [Hebrew: yayin] had worn off, his wife told him what had happened. Nabal's heart failed, and he could not move.

God even recommends liquor in Deuteronomy 14:25-26

If so, exchange the tenth part of your income for silver. Take the silver with you, and go to the place the LORD your God will choose.  Use the silver to buy whatever you want: cattle, sheep, goats, wine, liquor-whatever you choose. Then you and your family will eat and enjoy yourselves there in the presence of the LORD your God.

Apparently Jesus liked His wine vintage, Luke 5:39

"No one who has been drinking old wine wants new wine. He says, 'The old wine is better!'"

Even Paul recommends a little wine, 1 Timothy 5:23

Stop drinking only water. Instead, drink a little wine [Greek: oinos] for your stomach because you are frequently sick.

Some people say that the word that Paul used for wine means grape juice, but that is simply not the case.  The word found in 1 Peter 4:3 for drunk is from the word used in 1 Timothy for wine.

You spent enough time in the past doing what unbelievers like to do. You were promiscuous, had sinful desires, got drunk [Greek: oinophlugia], went to wild parties, and took part in the forbidden worship of false gods.


Alcohol Links

Dr. McGillicuddy's
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Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur
Irish Mist
Jameson Irish Whiskey
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